HIIT produces 28% more body fat reduction than lifetime cardio, according to a recent study.

Unlike the cardio that has been recommended for all life to burn fat, that of moderate intensity and continuous, the HIIT is a training at high intensity intervals that according to a recent study produces 28% more reduction of body fat than the first.

To lose fat, HIIT is the best option

The research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine performed an analysis of different studies to compare the effect of moderate intensity continuous aerobic training and HIIT on fat loss in humans.

The results reveal that while both contribute to reducing body fat, HIIT provided 28.5% more reductions in total absolute fat mass (in kg) than conventional aerobic training (continuous and moderate intensity), demonstrating its advantages.

This may be largely due to the intensity of training at each interval as well as due to incomplete rest or impartial recovery that leads to a greater decrease in oxygen consumption which increases fat burning.

Likewise, we should not forget to consider other advantages of the HIIT over the continuous cardio and moderate intensity of all life such as the possibility of training in much less time to obtain the same results and doing all kinds of exercises or disciplines.

While we can train HIIT running, we can also do it in the pool, or at home or at the beach without any extra material.

Of course, it is key to adapt the training to the preferences and previous physical conditions of each person, because the HIIT is always more intense than the cardio of moderate and continuous intensity that we all know.